Kiwisport / Shuttle Time

Kiwisport is funded to promote sport for school-aged children. The CommunityPartnership Fund (CPF) is coordinated by Regional Sports Trusts throughout New Zealand. The allocation is calculated on a per-capita basis based on the number of students in each region. Sport Waikato is commited to ensuring KiwiSport outcomes through the greater Waikato region.

Waikato Badminton has successfully applied to be part of the 2017 KiwiSport programme. Waikato Badminton will deliver the “Shuttle Time” project to schools across the Waikato. Shuttle Time is a global programme aimed at teaching basic skills to kids aged 5-18 regardless of age, ability and background. Shuttle Time can be delivered indoors or outdoors depending on your school’s facilities. If your school has not yet expressed interest in being part of the Shuttle Time project then please email

KiwiSport Objectives

• More Kids – increase the number of schoolchildren playing organised sport.
• More Opportunities – increase sports opportunities for all schoolchildren.
• Better Skills – support children to develop skills that will enable them to play sport.

Is your school interested in receiving Badminton sessions as part of our Shuttle Time programme? Then please email Waikato Badminton on:

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