Personal Cards

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  • Bring any guests along free of charge
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Card Fees & Court Hire Rates

  1. Already a member of a Club affiliated to Waikato Badminton? Your fees are as below:
    • $20 card set up fee then $10 annual renewal fee
    • $12.50 court/hour (no charge for guests)
  2. Casuals (full rate) – (not a member of a club)
    • $25 annual card fee
    • $25 per court/hour (no charge for guests)
  3. Casuals (reduced rate) – (not a member of a club)
    • $75 annual card fee
    • $15 per court/hour (no charge for guests)
  4. Senior Citizens
    • $20 annual card fee
    • $10 per court/hour (no charge for guests)
  5. Students
    • No Card – Just bring student ID
    • Available Off-Peak Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
    • Bookings not necessary, just rock on up!!!
    • $10 per court/hour ($2.50 p.p. based on 4 players)
    • Racquets & Shuttles supplied free of charge
  6. Drop-in Rate
    • No Card – Bookings through office essential
    • $35 per court/hour ($8.75 p.p. based on 4 players)

*Card Holders are entitled to bring anybody (guests) along to play.
One card holder required per booking. Conditions apply.

Clubs, Corporates, Schools & Community Groups

Annual Fees & Court Hire Rates

  1. Fixed Clubs
    • Fixed day/time (max. 2 days per week)
    • $350 annual fee
    • $7.50 per court/hour
  2. Flexi Clubs
    • Can play any day, any time, no restrictions
    • $350 annual fee
    • $10 per court/hour
  3. Corporate Groups
    • Can play any day, any time, no restrictions
    • Includes 12 months advertisement in stadium
    • 2400 by 1200 sign to be supplied
    • $350 annual fee
    • $11 per court/hour
  4. Schools
    • No annual fees
    • $7 per court/hour
      *conditions apply
  5. Community Groups
    • No annual fees
    • $7 per court/hour
      *conditions apply

Court Booking & Stadium User Policy

Set up your own club or corporate group!!!

To enquire about how to set up a Club or Corporate Membership contact:

TJ on 856 3049 or 021 464 229


All students with a valid student ID (high school, university, Wintec etc.) can come and play for as little as $2.50 per person per court per hour * (based on 4 players per court, conditions apply) which includes the use of racquets and shuttles if you don’t have your own. This offer is valid Off-Peak only. For more info click on below link:

Student Special 2017

Terms & Conditions

For the full Court Booking & Stadium User Policy:

  • Use of club cards for personal/casual play is NOT permitted
  • An annual renewal charge is due every year when your card is set to expire. A reminder email will be send to you. The renewal fee must be paid before the card expires to ensure it remains valid.
  • You may cancel your card at any time and any funds still available on your card will be reimbursed to you unless you have lost your card. In this case you will receive a refund less a $10 lost card fee.
  • The card/account holder must be present in the stadium at all times when his/her card is being used. Cards cannot be used by others. Card holders who allow others to use their card may have their card cancelled and may also be banned from the stadium.
  • By booking a court, the player agrees to pay the court hire fee and is aware that if the court is not used that the WBA has the right to debit the player’s account for the expected court hire.
  • Online court bookings can be cancelled or amended without charge up to 6 hours before the actual booking is set to start. If changed or cancelled, then the original booking will be charged at the full rate.
  • Card holders and players who are brought along must abide by the Stadium Booking & User Policy which are displayed in the stadium, will be emailed to you and need to be accepted when booking online.
  • Abuse of the WBA facilities will result in loss of use of facilities and a possible fine.
  • By exiting the building by any emergency door (without it being an emergency) will result in an automatic charge of $100 to the card holder’s account.
  • Any loss of the card(s) to be immediately reported to the WBA Office.
  • Any charges incurred due to misuse of the card, misuse of stadium facilities or prior to a card being reported stolen or lost, shall be the responsibility of the card holder.
  • WBA has the authority to change the charging category and rate and advise card users by advertising the new rates in the Stadium on our website and by emailing card holders.

To renew your card (we will send out a reminder) simply login to your account and use the “Pay Online” option to deposit the card renewal fee onto your account and send an email to to let us know you have processed your renewal fee

For info on how to top up your card click below:

How To Top Up Your Card

Photographed by Brooke Baker