2018 WBA Board

             Stu Morgan
Vice-President:    Fiona Purdue
Board Members:  Alison Storey (independent), Susannah Leydon-Davis (independent), Paul Hanton, Dominic Buckell, Rupinder Virk, Carol Leydon-Davis & Jair Mandriaza

WBA Patron:         Doreen Wood
Life Members:      Alicia Urlich, Maurice Smith, Bill Bartels, Maureen Sherborne, Doreen Wood, Jocelyn Silvester,                            Malcolm Brown, Peter Icke †, Joyce Musk †, Pat Dallinger MBE †

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WBA Constitution


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Incorporated Society Records

The Waikato Badminton Association is an incorporated society. Our records are available online at the NZ Societies and Trusts website :www.societies.govt.nz/

Health & Safety

The Waikato Badminton Association Inc. and the Eastlink Badminton Society Inc. are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable facility to all its users. It is the responsibility of all users to follow the guidelines (see below links) to ensure safe usage of the facility. All users need to ensure they are familiar with the Emergency Evacuation procedures, Court Booking Policy & Stadium User Policy as displayed around the stadium and on our website (see below links)